1. Memory Sex
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People remember emotional state
New synaptic connection
You can activate long-term memory
We can stimulate, remove the repressors
Recall the memory you have

Something happened
Biology begins to reveal itself
I did it once or twice
If you do something like that in living memory
It's a wonderful thing
So I did it

Tremor of pleasure, that's what happened
The dance, the rhythm
The way it works is skin to skin
Softness, hardness
It's an ancient story
I thought something happened
What happened?

It's very exciting
Some pathways were activated
Oh it's very exciting
Information we can use
It's very exciting

What happened?
Memory disorders mammalian hippocampus
Trauma-related amnesia
Remove the repressors
We have a switch where those genes get turned on
Set the threshold, increase the strength of the signal
Recall the memory you have for faces

Bodies, mouth, tongue, skin, brown breasts
Enjoyed ourselves enormously
Tasted it, tormented each other
That's what happened in living memory
It didn't go away

We studied those systems
The signal and the storage was much enhanced
Yeah, it was fun
So what you are is memories to somebody that you love