1. Kuku Coo

From the recording The Future Was Fun

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We are the 800 pound gorilla of the marketplace
Our fundamental mission is kicking butt
We're a big company within grasp of number one
We've taken our customers back into the centralized era

It's all about large monolithic culture
It's a reality around the world
We can do whatever we want
There's no accountability
We can be arrogant
They don't necessarily feel any pain

To create the glory of the future
We're going to pursue customers over and over again
Until they feel our breath on their neck
Then we can all move forward into the predictability
Of the centralized future

Optional behavior is not good
Predictability is good
We don't really need partners
Why do we need partners?
Partners are competitors

Ningo ningo ningo sah ningo sah
Wabi kuku ningo sah
Kuku coo oh ningo sah
Kuku coo oh ningo sah
Wabi kuku ningo sa ningo sah
Wabi kuku ningo sah

They drove me crazy
Every morning I got up and I wanted to beat them
I wanted to be bigger
It helps to be the CEO if you want to get bigger
I grew at rates you can't imagine
Hyper-growth, just up and to the right
The testosterone zone
The important thing is my monolith is bigger than your monolith
It's why we're all here
I kind of like those old days where we had dictators
And that's the message through everything we do
Helping you understand that
We're going to control free markets
We're going to control free markets
I ask all of you to join me in that effort