From the recording Mongrel

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There’s a house on the lake
With some trees by the shore
There’s a boat on the pond
Of the woman next door
I can see her sometimes

I know nothing of her
She knows nothing of me
We don’t know who we are
And we’re totally free
She’s the girl of my dreams

When the sun starts to rise and her husband’s away
I’m the one in her boat, til the end of the day
And she likes how I row, so there’s nothing to say
She’s the girl of my dreams

Once I asked her her name
And she wouldn’t reply
So we’re playing a game
But it’s never a lie
I can’t say that I mind

Just the other day out on the lake
We thought we felt a stranger staring
The feeling passed as quickly as it came
And on we rowed with neither of us caring

If we knew what it meant
It would mean something less
There’s no words to explain
And no need to confess
She’s the girl of my dreams