The Science was a rock band based in Eureka, California from 1976 until 1981. The members were Mark Schleunes, Albert Clark, John Palotas, Don Vatcher and Howard Vatcher. They played some of the typical Humboldt County venues at the time: Vance Log Cabin, Walt's Friendly Tavern, Mad River Rose, and The Red Pepper. John Palotas has subsequently played with a number of Humboldt County bands. Albert Clark currently plays with the Humboldt County band NightHawk. Albert and Mark recently collaborated on their first album Adolescent Dementia, which can be heard in its entirety here.

The Science recorded extensively in a home studio and at the major local studio of the time: Bert Pectol's Solar Tip. You can hear audio clips of the band's work on the right side of this page. Video was a rare and expensive thing back then. The band was recorded on video only twice, and only one tape of a few songs survives. The "Freedom Calls" video on the right comes from that.