Margaret Sarno Boehm is a visual artist who works with paint, pastels, 3-D sculpture, and video. You can view her videos at Margaret Boehm's YouTube Channel. She has made important creative contributions to two of Mark Schleunes's bands: earRotator and Killed By Caution. She did many many hours of filming and creative editing to make the virtual musician Blue Boy a reality for Killed By Caution. She also did almost all the filming and creative editing for the earRotator live show and DVD in conjunction with the members of earRotator. You can see some of these videos on the earRotator and Killed By Caution areas of this site. Margaret worked with Mark to create the cover designs for his albums Mongrel and The Future Was Fun. You can see several of Margaret's videos below. "Little White Donkey" is a short film Margaret produced based on a song she and Mark wrote with Janis Schleunes.