Killed By Caution

Killed by Caution existed as a band from 1999 though 2001 and featured Cynthia Taylor who now sings with Charming Hostess and Lord Loves a Working Man. Don Vatcher (now with The Vatcher Brothers) played bass. Mark played synth guitar, and virtual musician Blue Boy was on drums. This band was an art project that attempted to dramatize the future of music in a world of ever-accelerating computer evolution. The idea of having a virtual musician came from William Gibson's novel Idoru which was released in 1996. Armed with newly-available digital movie camera and digital editing software, Mark and Margaret collaborated to create the virtual musician Blue Boy. Mark wore a blue suit and played the drums in front of a green background so Margaret could use green-screen effects in post production. Multiple camera angles were used. At the live performances, Blue Boy was projected onto a standard 30" tube television behind the band as you can see in the "Vengeance" video below.  The "Vengeance" video shows Cynthia laying her vocal in the studio, Killed By Caution playing live, and much Blue Boy footage created by Margaret.